GPP Lab in the News

Huge congratulations to Katsumi Yamaguchi-Pedroza, who received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to support her work on sexual violence toward women of color!!

Check out this article on PsyPost about recent research published by the GPP Lab! 

New paper out now in the European Journal of Social Psychology by Nathaniel Schermerhorn and Terri Vescio! Click here to read

Check out this Professor Profile on Terri Vescio, Principal Investigator, in The Daily Collegian

Nathaniel Schermerhorn, current graduate student, will be part of a Cultural Conversations panel "Redefining Herstory" this week! 

Cultural conversations November 2021.pdf

New article out in the Journal of Experimental Psychology! 

Check out this new article by Terri Vescio, Nathaniel Schermerhorn, Jon Gallegos, and Marlaina Laubach in the November 2021 issue of JESP! 

The GPP Lab is heading to SPSP 2022!

Congratulations to the following lab members who will be presenting at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology!

Abbie Lovisky (undergraduate research assistant) will be presenting "Masculinity Threat and Prejudiced Attitudes" with Katsumi Yamaguchi-Pedroza, Karleigh Veglia, and Terri Vescio. 

Karleigh Veglia (undergradaute research assistant) will be presenting "Gender Threat and Anti-Female Sentiment" with Katsumi Yamaguchi-Pedroza, Abbie Lovisky, and Terri Vescio. 

Katie Lewis (graduate student) will be presenting "Empathy and Feminist Standpoint Theory: Impact of Shared Identity and Understanding on Empathic Targets Feelings and Perceptions of Empathizers" with Julian Scheffer and Terri Vescio. 

Nathaniel Schermerhorn (graduate student) will presenting "The Social Psychology of Hegemonic Masculinity" with Terri Vescio. 

Come see us in San Francisco! 

Check out this article in The Daily Collegian about lab member Janiyah Davis! 

Congratulations to Jada Scarboro who has been accepted to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Nursing Program!! She will begin at UNC in May! 

GPP Lab Principal Investigator, Dr. Terri Vescio, has been appointed a 2021 SPSP Fellow! 

Research from the lab was recently featured in the New York Times! 

Congratulations to all of the lab members that will be presenting at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology! 

Alice Mackenzie (undergraduate RA) will be presenting her posted entitled "The Role of Gendered Traits in Male-Dominated Workplaces."

Katie Lewis (graduate student) will be presenting her poster entitled "Threats to Masculinity Predict Increased Sexual Narcissism and Sexual Objectification". 

Nathaniel Schermerhorn (graduate student) will be presenting his poster entitled "Hegemonic Masculinity Predicts Responses to COVID-19."

Nicholas Mallender (undergraduate RA) will be presenting his poster entitled "A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Power Priming."

This year's conference will be held virtually in February, 2021. 

Watch Dr. Terri Vescio's TedX Talk:

"What Women Want Men to Know About Sexism"

Presented at Penn State University, March 2017.