Our Research

Hegemonic Masculinity

How does hegemonic masculinity influence political attitudes and behaviors?

How is hegemonic masculinity upheld by social and political institutions?

How is hegemonic masculinity upheld by it disadvantages (e.g., women, gay men)?

The Consequences of Masculinity Threat 

What are the affective consequences of masculinity threats?

What are the behavioral consequences of masculinity threats?

How does hegemonic masculinity relate to and differ from precarious masculinity?

Empathy and Intergroup Relations

Can we really empathize with members of out-groups? 

When is perspective taking and empathy associated with prejudice reduction?

When is empathizing with marginalized others hurtful? 

The Dilemma of Gay Men

In what situations do gay men represent threats to masculinity?

How do gay men embody hegemonic masculinity?

How do gay men eschew hegemonic masculinity?

Hostility Toward "Bad Women"

How do we see "bad women"?

How do we feel about "bad women"?

How do we (mis)treat "bad women"?

Status-Quo Maintaining Subtle Sexism & Implicit Bias

How do acts of benevolence mask gender inequities? 

How do women experience and react to subtle sexism?

Why do women sometimes accept subtle sexism?